ENHANCE Your ENVIRONMENT with Designer Margie


The technique of painting can last longer than those cheap wall paper murals, which peel off and fade fast. They are not worth the money, painting is!

A custom mural depicts a personal expression of yourself.

Custom Murals can set a theme of a favorite place, style or character that will tie into the rest of the room.

It's time you have a great look for your business, office or home that coveys a WOW image of you!

Margie can paint anything on textured walls, floors or ceilings! She can bring out the most important objects of a room. By adding
*Faux finishes
*Stone look
*Graphic shapes
*Color blending or so many more effects!

It's been proven: full-room murals and accent walls can help reduce stress.

What a cool room to feel like you are outside. - Textures walls no problem.

Murals can have your favorite activity, or fun characters to encourage self-esteem and motivation.



Full Room Golf Theme


Courner Area Effects


Full Room Kids Theme


Under the Sea

Make your dining area a location of fun!

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We Enhance your Building's exterior or interior walls

with your Logo, Slogan and Graphics, Objects, a Special Place or Historical Style.


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These popular murals we did are about 19 feet long.


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Company Logo 24 x 8 ft on wall by booths

A 8x4 ft. Theme Mural on Foamcor for a Church



Atmosphere Mural for Nursery Room

We wll Paint Your Walls or Concrete Floors. Apply Hopscotch onto Vinyl floors, skylights, windows and doors in many different effective themes in color.





Creating custom furniture made to fit your theme!

Enhance a mural with custom painted or vinyl graphics furniture which will impact your room. Let us know the area and style you want to make your home/business more popular or suitable.
Check out our Boutique. We refinish furnitue, chaulk paint, stain, paint and clear coat.

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We have a
variety of vinyls
to choose from
like reflective flourescence and solid colors.

Can order custom furniture or refinishing by Calling Chroma Graphics: 724-693-9050