Frequently Asked Questions

Murals and Large Paintings

Why do I want and image on my wall?

An image changes your atmosphere which affects the viewers reaction. An appropriate picture can set a mood, feelings, cause reactions and tell them so much more than one can say. Margie can help you decide what would fit your best interest.

Can you touch up a mural or add to it?

Yes, I would need to know: 1. How many ft. off the floor/ground is it? 2. Is it a ceiling or inside wall? 3. Measurement of area in sq. ft. to change? 4. A photo of it and detailed description of repair emailed to: margiespaintings@gmail.com

How far will you travel to do a mural?

I would travel 30 miles from Robinson Twp. area of Pittsburgh PA without additional cost, and I would travel in the US for additional travel expenses. Need to know address.

Paintings or Prints

Could you take 5 Photos and combine them into one painting?

Yes, I would need detailed interaction in writing and by phone with you for your opinions! 1. A colage 2. Time sequence
3. Pamoramic view 4. Styles or effects of painting

Which costs less a painting or print?

Usually a print, unless the size is oversized like a 4ft x 8ft painting would cost less than the ink jet print.


What's the difference in creating a logo?

1. A single image designed in 1 color costs less than full color 2. Type and Art effects can cost less than image backgrounds 3. We need to know details of your company to make the best logo to make a good impact on your customers.

How much and How long does it take to make a painting a logo?

About $45-$49 If there are no changes to the painting besides adding your image on top or adding Type could take a couple days with your approval of the proof. $100-$150 to create a new painting could take about 10 days with your input and viewing.

Gift Certificates

Who would I buy a gift certificate for?

1. A Baby or Wedding Shower Gift 2. A new Business Open House Gift 3. Your wife who is always wanting you to remodel the house.