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Creating Custom Murals, Paintings, Images and Logos,

Basic Websites, or Fun Art Classes.

We will find the most efficent way unless otherwise instructed. A 50% deposit is required to get started.


Mural Information

Before contacting us, we would need to know:

1. How many feet off the floor/ground?
2. Is it a ceiling or an inside wall?
3. What is the measurement of area in sq. ft.?
4. A photo and detailed description of repair emailed to: margiespaintings@gmail.com

What I need to Know to Create Your Artwork.

Send us written instructions and/or an email with your ideas.

Give us details of your company to make the most appropriate logo/image.
1.The style: a single image, collage, time sequence or a panoramic view.
2. It's best to have an idea: objects, animals, floral, logo, place or person.
3. Any different photos you have to combine?
4. Painting Techniques: fade in, 3D, birds eye view, bugs view, abstract, impressionistic.
5. What size/area, and if there are multiple canvases.
6. Media Type: computer images, watercolor, acrylic, oil, vinyl or ink.
7. Single color, dual color, tri-color, or full color.

Painting with Margie - Instructional Classes

Book a Party no later than one week in advance for your group. Note save the date on limited space.
Come and enjoy a unique time of music and art.
We supply the materials and fun.
Contact at 412-719-7332 or EMAIL: Click Here!