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About The Artist:

Margie Buchko

Discover the unique story of Margie's struggles to overcome her handicap

and the accomplishments to reach her dreams.


Acheviements and Facts

Selling many orginal works of art since 1976, her paintings are signed as either MWB (Margaret Walter Buchko), Margaret Walter or M Buchko.
A graduate of the Art Institute and member of The Pittsburgh Artist Society
Owner of Chroma Graphics for over 27 years and creating art for various advertisements
An art teacher at CCAC, Cub Scouts, and local churches
Numerous murals and paintings in businesses, churches, and homes in Pennsylvania, Floria, Georgia, Oklahoma in the USA


How was this Artist Created?

         As a young child, Margie would be drawing detailed renderings in the car as her family went anywhere. Her cousin bought her a paint set, and Margie has been creating paintings ever since she became a teenager. Her Mother was crafty, and her Dad was an Engineer. In 1976, she won first place in an art contest and sold it. At age 16, she started selling more artwork, which encouraged her in taking as many art and engineering classes available. She was elected Most Artistic in her high school class. Margie has created light and bright color contrasting paintings which are intence and realisticly demensional.

         So, she was determined to go to The Art Institute to further her studies. But, what she didn't know as a college graduate, was that all of her prospective employers in advertising would not accept her because she was visually impaired. It was quite noticeable that her eyes moved back and forth all of the time. Then the computer age began in her last year of college of 1984, Margie decided to continue her education in Business Management Classes and develop her knowledge at CCAC. Surprisingly, she was had accomplished excellent grades and was awarded into "Who's Who Among Students" in The American Junior College Book. She proved to herself that she could do well in academics in spite of her blindness.

         In 1985, her mother passed away rather young, following Margie's grandmother's death 4 months prior. This devastation transformed her, questioning death. Seeking to know her purpose in life, Margie became a Christian and believes in life after death..

         She married Joseph, a printer, in 1991. They joined together a partnership in more ways than one. She developed a business plan for their company. As the owners of Chroma Graphics, they served many companies advertising needs: creating many products like: menus, brochures, forms, business cards, signs, apparel, images for websites, print ads, logo designs, murals, vehicle and window lettering. In 2015, they opened a Boutique for the refinishing and hand-painted furniture and decorated household items. She is also a mother of two boys. At 40 years old, she received corrective glasses from the Blind Association and was finally able to pass her daylight driver's test for 10 years. Margie continues to paint murals, decor, custom paintings, artwork, web art, illustrations for companies and individuals.

         Determined and creative, Margie excels at many different types of projects. No doubt, her strength and amazing talent comes from her Creator. She has always searched for wisdom and is very much into education. She is of kinder spirit and is easy to work with. Margie has an eye to visualize for stories and can create drawings for books, inventions and a creative atmosphere.

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