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Can she make illistrations for my book, manual or chart?

Margie has done illustrations for childrens books and invention books, drawings for various Magizines and has the experience you need to inhance the viewpoint with drawings, colored illustrations, paintings, or computer design enhanced art.

Can she photo touch up a photo I have or add things to it?

No problem, with the years of working at Chroma Graphics on photoshop since 1991 she can create images for you the way you would best describe them. It is best to email your description and sent a high resolation of the photo to margiespaintings@gmail.com

How far will you travel to do a mural?

I would travel 30 miles from Robinson Twp. area of Pittsburgh PA without additional cost, and I would travel in the US for additional travel expenses. Need to know address.



Drawings, Paintings or Prints

Could you take 5 Photos and combine them into one image?

Yes, I would need detailed instruction in writing by email to understand your opinions! Clear communication is best and cheaper to create it.

What size do you need the item for?

If for a large sign you need the image to be a large file. For a painting, matterials cost is priced by it. For Prints price is done by the square foot. It can help determine time to make and shipping cost too. Yes, size does matter.



Logos or Ads

What there is to know about having my logo created or redone?

A simple logo sheet of 3 will cost about $70.00. A single image designed in 1 color costs less than full color. Type/Art effects or grading can add to the time, but make it look better. We need to know your company products to design the best image. A phone call is a quick way to discuss it. Call Margie 412-719-7332. Sending by email: old logos or images you like it to resemble is best. margiespaintings@gmail.com

How long does it take to make a full color painting for a logo?

About 7 days or less to have the art with your input and details can be drawn, painted, scanned, digitized, photo retouched, sized to your need and emailed to clients. We can print it on various advertising items for you, at an additional time depending on the request.



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